About Us


Sweetwater Farm is committed to producing high-quality food for our community using sustainable and organic growing practices.  Through our educational programming, on-farm events, and CSA program, we strive to create opportunities for people to experience food in new ways.  Our team of young farmers works to preserve and perpetuate the rich agricultural heritage of this farm by introducing innovative growing techniques that improve the health of our soils and encourage ecological diversity.


Our property on Maple Lane has been supplying food to the East Quabbin community for over 230 years.  First farmed in 1749 by Sylvanus Howe, this farm supplied wheat and beef to soldiers during the Revolutionary War.  From 1912 to 1978, the Coolidge family ran a productive cow dairy, selling large quantities of butter, milk, and cream.

The farm is now owned by the Davis Family and known as Sweetwater Farm – named for the sweet spring water found on the property.


During the summer months, we practice intensive rotational grazing with our cattle, moving them constantly across the pasture.  This practices ensures that the cows always have a plentiful supply of grass and that the pastures have ample time to rest and recover after grazing.  In winter, the cattle enjoy sweet haylage and dry hay harvested from our certified organic hay fields.

Our vegetables and fruit are grown using organic methods, however we do not currently certify these products under the USDA’s program.  We use absolutely no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides in our garden.  We improve soil fertility with compost and natural soil amendments, control weeds through mechanical cultivation, and combat pests with organic approved methods.