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Community Supported Agriculture


Stay tuned for updates on our 2018 CSA season.

Sweetwater Farm offers 20 weeks of organic and sustainably grown food to CSA members in the North Quabbin and Boston Metro-West regions.  We offer on-farm pick-up to local members and boxed shares to Concord area residents.


Getting a CSA share is a great way to save on fresh, local, organic food.  Think about it this way, a CSA member receiving a small vegetable, bi-weekly egg share, and small meat share would pay only $27.25 per week for almost all of their food!

CSA Pricing

What is a CSA program?CSA share

A community supported agriculture (CSA) program is a food distribution model that creates a strong connection between farmers and the community they serve.

In the spring, community members purchase subscriptions for the food they would like to receive during growing season.  By pre-paying for their farm products, members save roughly 15% of what they would pay at farmer’s market, and farmers are guaranteed that all the food they grow will go directly to the community with very little waste.

CSA members come to the farm once a week to receive their veggies and eggs, and once per month to receive meat.  Coming to the farm each week means they get to know their growers, connect with other members, and enjoy the beauty of our historic farm.


How do distributions work?

North Quabbin members will collect their shares at the farm on Thursdays between 4 and 6 pm.  We ask that members bring their own bags to pack their shares into.

Concord area members will arrive at a drop point on Tuesday between 4:30 and 6:30 to collect their pre-packed boxes of vegetables, eggs, and/or meat.  We ask that boxed share members bring their empty boxes back each week, so they can be packed again.

What do I do if I can’t make it to distribution?

If you’re on vacation for a week or are unable to pick up your share, we ask that you designate a friend, neighbor, or family member to pick up your share.  If you cannot designate someone to pick up for you, your share can be donated to a local food pantry.  Meat share holders: If you know you will be away during a meat distribution week, please let us know ahead of time, and we can make arrangements to deliver your meat share on an alternate week during the same month.

Vegetable Shares

We want your share to fit your needs!  We have structured our CSA so members can purchase exactly what they need, and never feel overwhelmed by their veggie shares.

All our vegetables are grown using organic, natural, and sustainable methods.  We do not currently certify our 1 acre market garden through the USDA’s organic program, however we know and follow the standards.  We fertilize our soils with compost and organic amendments, we combat pests using organic methods, and we never spray chemical fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides.

Egg SharesEggs

We offer weekly and bi-weekly egg shares to CSA members.  Egg share members receive our delicious, organic, pasture-raised eggs at a reduced price.  Our hens are pasture raised in mobile coops, and our eggs are certified organic.  That means absolutely no antibiotics and 100% organic feed for our girls.

Monthly Meat Shares

IMG_0196Our monthly meat share is a great way to purchase our grass-fed beef and organic roasting chickens at a huge discount.  Meat share members will pick up their frozen meat once per month for 5 months beginning in June.  Meat pick-ups will occur during our regular distribution times on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Members can choose between a small share of 5-6 lbs per month and a large share of 9-10 lbs per month.  Both small and large shares will receive one 4 lb pasture-raised chicken every month.  Shares will also include ground beef, steaks, and other beef cuts.  Goat and lamb can be added upon request.  Don’t worry, we won’t give you bones or organs, unless you request them!