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Vegetable and Flower Seed Production

Our History

Jess moved to Southern Oregon to learn about seed-saving, and Maddie moved to the same robust growing community in pursuit of organic farming without having a clue that seed-saving existed! That is where we got together and shortly thereafter where we went into business together as Seed-Saving Lovers & Friends. Now that we are farming in New England, we will be breeding our vegetable and flower varieties to suit this local cool and wet bioregion that we(and our plants) find ourselves in.

About Seed-Saving

Each year we harvest seed from the plants that were resilient to things like pests or disease. Then we resow the seed from those plants the following year with the idea that the plants will be more adapted to the local climate and conditions. For example, lettuce would become more bolt-resistant and cucumbers would be able to stave off the cucumber beetle’s advances better each year we save seed.

Why Save Seed?

Other than the sustainable practices listed above, it is an amazing feeling when you hold a handful of tomato seed and fully realize that you are holding 1,000 possible tomatoes!

The benefits of seed-saving are endless. Annual plants’ natural cycle are that they resow themselves. Saving seed is about mirroring this process through different harvesting and cleaning techniques so that the seed you save and replant is viable, will germinate, and will produce more seed in the coming years. It is sustainable, full circle farming & living.

Think about this, if you have a variety of vegetable that you have been cultivating in your garden for 10 years- won’t that variety get to know your soil, the pollinators that visit, your hands, the neighboring plants, etc? By saving seed you can watch the full cycle of a plant from birth to death to rebirth. You get to know that plant and you may get to know yourself a little more.

What’s in a Name?

The name “Madrona” in Madrona Seeds comes from the Madrone tree found in the Pacific North West. The stories and essence of the madrone tree have inspired us to be thoughtful, gentle stewards of the Earth. Madrona also means mother in Spanish and the artwork and poetry of Seed Mothers have brought us potent lessons about our origin and of community. We began our cultivation together as “Madrona Farm” in Oregon and want to carry on our seed production as Madrona as we journey on in new territory.

Join the Movement

Ask us about our seeds for purchase, about dropping in during our seed harvesting & cleaning in the Fall, and more on our seed cultivation. We are excited to share more about this because the more people that join the seed-saving movement, the more we can be sustainable stewards of Mama Gaia.


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