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Sweetwater Farm has been producing grass fed beef since 2005.  We rotationally graze our herd of 36 cows on pasture from early spring into late fall.  During the winter, the cows are fed certified organic hay from our hayfields.  We feed our cows absolutely no grain, and we are in the process of certifying our herd as organic.

Our herd is a mix of two breeds – Belted Galloway and Devon. Belted Galloways are an exceptionally hardy breed from Scotland, and we selected them for their ability to withstand our harsh New England winters.  The Devon breed originated in southwestern England, but our particular Devon genetics came to us via a herd in New Zealand and were selected for their excellent production abilities on a 100% grass-fed diet.  The resulting cross produces healthy, hardy cows and delicious grass-fed beef!


Pasture Raised PorkIMG_1364

Our pigs were raised outside and fed a combination of locally produced non-GMO grains, organic grain from Vermont, and vegetarian compost from a local meditation center.

Looking for something special for your Christmas celebration?  We have smoked hams that are great for a crowd!


Organic EggsIMG_1632

Sweetwater Farm’s organic chicken eggs are produced by pasture-raised hens.  We feed our chickens certified organic grain milled nearby in New York, and we rotate our birds through 40 acres of pasture ensuring that they always have access to fresh grass.  You can see and taste the difference in our eggs!



Sweetwater produces square and round bales of certified organic hay each year.  Hay is available for pick up at our farm in Petersham, MA.


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